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Dr Michelle Dimasi

Vice President - Business Development - Asia and Middle East

Dr. Michelle Dimasi has been with Maximus since 2012 and leads our business development strategy across Asia and the Middle East. She has worked in the human services sector for over a decade with a strong focus on employment services, economic empowerment of women, and disability. Dr. Dimasi comes with a wealth of experience in supporting governments to develop social programs that will improve the lives of their citizens.

Dr. Dimasi has been heavily involved in Maximus’ business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Maximus has provided employment services since 2012. Previously, Dr. Dimasi was instrumental in establishing our collaboration with Workforce Singapore to support mid-career professionals who have been retrenched back into the workforce. She also served as the Program Manager in Christmas Island, where Maximus provided care and support services to unaccompanied asylum seeker minors in immigration detention.

In addition to her work with Maximus, Dr. Dimasi has served as a consultant in Afghanistan since 2010. Projects have included capacity building and training of Afghan staff in the areas of grant funding and economic empowerment while securing donor funding projects with the Embassies of Australia, France, the United States, Canada, and the United Nations. Most recently, she returned from Afghanistan in 2017, where she has been investigating how Afghan policewomen can help end violence against women.

Dr. Dimasi holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from Swinburne University and a Bachelor of Arts (Honors Political Science) from La Trobe University.